FAQs & Contact Us

How do I contact you?

Email us at: hello@branchandbird.co.uk and we will usually get back to you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

Frequently Asked Questions

My VEIDI elastic went loose/baggy when I changed the notepads, how do I tighten it?

No problem! Look at the spine of your VEIDI, you can see the elastic in a or ‘V’ at the top… Pull each side of the ‘V’ to get rid of the slack inside and then tug your toggle to tighten your ‘V’ again. Simple and not as rude as it sounds…

How do you pronounce VEIDI?

VEIDI is pronounced “vay-dee”, preferably in a South London accent. #croydonlife #cronxandproud

Is VEIDI suitable for vegans?

Yes! We're really chuffed to have made the first refillable notebook/travellers journal cover that is not only vegan but plastic free and 100% recyclable. In fact, 100% biodegradable too. Most vegan offerings are made of "vegan leather" or "pleather" which is "plastic leather". It doesn't decompose well and isn't recyclable.

Do you offer Wholesale?

We sell our Ephemerist Greetings Cards ranges at wholesale with low minimum order quantities. To find out more, please email hello@branchandbird.co.uk. We don't yet offer VEIDI at wholesale but if you're interested, do let us know!

How are your greetings cards made?

Our cards are made from FSC-certified 100% recycled cardboard processed in the UK without the use of chlorine. They are uncoated (matt finish) and printed with vegetable-based inks. Our production partner is a small local firm who work to a strict set of environmental (ISO14001) and socially responsible standards. They highly value their staff who have on average 14 years’ service with them. A super friendly and considerate bunch of people doing good things.

How are your VEIDI covers made?

Our VEIDI covers are made from FSC-certified, elemental chlorine-free cardboard from by a UK paper mill with a zero waste to landfill policy. They are manufactured by a small UK firm who are experts in recyclable and compostable eco-friendly materials and specialists in sustainability and production waste reduction. These chaps invested a lot of love, time and money in helping us get VEIDI off the ground, forever grateful ♡ ♡

How are your VEIDI notepads made?

We make our VEIDI notepads by hand in our studio in Croydon. We have a range of second-hand print-finishing machinery which we try to repair rather than replace as far as possible. They are printed on Doris our RISO using vegetable-based inks. 

Any test prints or production spoils are upcycled if possible (look out for our Punk Pads appearing in the shop now and again) or reused for in-house testing; and worst case, we have a happy house rabbit who constantly needs paper bedding to poop on... which we can then compost.

Our notepads are made from a range of ethically-produced and sustainable papers, more information is available on the individual product pages.

How are your products packaged?

We aim to keep excess packaging to a minimum. We do not use product-specific packaging for any products other than our greetings cards. Products are wrapped in recycled/recyclable tissue paper when they are packed for shipping.

Our greetings cards are packed in a biodegradable plant-based clear bag; simply drop it into your food waste collection box for industrial composting back to biomass and water. Whilst we try to avoid unnecessary packaging, our customers have told us that they often buy cards to keep for later, so we feel it is important that they are protected.

All orders are sent in either a board-backed envelope or micro-flute corrugated box - 100% recyclable, minimum 75% recycled materials - sealed with a paper tape. Our packaging is 100% plastic-free and certified sourced in the UK/Europe.

A percentage of the price we pay goes to support a development programme for women and the environment. Projects include training vulnerable women in developing nations for careers in eco-agriculture, eco-tourism and leadership.

What is the meaning of life?

To be honest, we don’t know. But it’s definitely a great prompt for your VEIDI journal...