Shout out to our fellow papyrophiliacs!

Shout out to our fellow papyrophiliacs!

New notepads... Who's salivating at that dotted line? 

Shout out to our fellow papyrophiliacs!* 

Paper pervs. Stationery addicts. Notebook hoarders. 

To those who can’t start a project without a spruce fresh pad, who get serious thrills out of writing “To Do” at the top of a page, coming over all unnecessary just thinking about how you’re going underline that title… 

We see you. We hear you. We love you.

To those who change their signature as often as their hairstyle…

We salute you.

Our notepads were lovingly handmade with you in mind :) Our everyday papers have been tested (and now customer approved!) to work beautifully with pencil and fountain pen so however you prefer to create, they will work for you.

*Papyrophilia is the posh name for a preoccupation with paper and written-down stuff, even with bureaucratic paperwork… sounds pretty normal to us. 

Fun fact: Jill loves paper so much that in her (rare) spare time, she makes collages out of our recycling. Maybe not so normal. You can check out that weirdness on Instagram at @myhouseworks  

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