About Us

Hi, we're Branch and Bird. A little creative studio in Croydon, South London.

We make useful lovely things, mostly by hand; designed to help you tread a little lighter on the earth.

Our products are made from sustainable, renewable, repurposed and recycled materials that are sourced as locally as possible. The bits that we don’t make ourselves are made for us by small, independent and/or family businesses who share our values, protect the environment and pay fair wages. We do not ship anything from the Far East.

Creativity with Purpose

We’re ethical, community-oriented and inclusive. We measure our business success by our impact on everyone and everything around us, not just our bottom line. We love to work with people who feel the same way we do.

Freelance and Consultancy

Our backgrounds are in advertising, design, retail and media. We still take on selected creative projects for clients - happy to brainstorm ideas, branding, strategy or new product development. For more info, please visit our main company site.